JUST IN: Mike Pence pulls fast one on Indianapolis Colts

The game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers was over for Vice President Mike Pence before it even started. Sunday afternoon, Pence visited Indianapolis as the Colts unveiled a new statue of Peyton Manning outside of Lucas Oil Stadium. Pence and company were standing proudly with hands over hearts as the National Anthem echoed throughout the stadium.2017-10-08 (1)

Pence was gone before coin toss.pence statement

This was an obvious and disgusting PR stunt. It’s hard to imagine that the VP didn’t have this planned all along. You would have to be tone-deaf in today’s America, especially as VP, to not know that the San Francisco 49ers were going to have a substantial amount of players kneel for the anthem. After all, it was with that team that Colin Kaepernick sparked outrage by being the first athlete to remain seated for the anthem first noticed in mainstream media in the 2016 preseason.

To make matters worse it looks like it was planned by the Commander-in-Chief himself. Tackling the issue with Seal-Team-6-like precision.

2017-10-08 (5)

Would it surprise anybody to learn that our President planned and approved our VP to spend tens of thousands of tax dollars traveling to an NFL game just to make an oppressive political statement? Didn’t think so.

Pence and the administration feel like it is well within their rights and power to protest the NFL but when the NFL protests the administration those feelings are not reciprocated. That is a problem. That is systemic oppression.

In America, no one man has more rights than the next (assuming no criminal history). That is the essence of who we are as a nation and what we were built from. Every person matters just as much as the next but it is clear that is not how Pence, Trump and this administration feel.

It’s like when parents go out drinking with their 21-year-old kid and tell them not to get too wild but the parents end up getting more messed up than the kid. First, they don’t have that authority, that kid is free as hell to get legally belligerent. And, second, they contradicted themselves by getting more wasted than their kid.

That is essentially what this administration just did in protesting a protest that they don’t think should be protest-able.

But at least the parents know they are wrong afterwards. The scary part is this administration doesn’t realize they just contradicted themselves. It’s really a mystery at this point if they know any of the five components of the First Amendment (Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly and Petition) because this administration seems to disrespect every single one.

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