JUST NOW: Shane McMahon Jumps off Hell In A Cell in Little Caesars Arena


The Little Caesars Arena in Detroit has been quite a versatile venue since its official open on Sept. 5. After Kid Rock’s controversial kick-off concerts, Detroiters have also seen the Pistons return home to the Motor City in preseason action and watched the Red Wings lay waste to the Minnesota Wild in their regular season home-opener on Oct. 5.

Disney on Ice is coming to town before a long string of concerts at LCA including stars like The Weeknd, Guns N’ Roses, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z to name a few. And that’s all before UFC 218 set for Dec. 2. Is there anything that this place can’t handle? Doubtful.

That place is like a Swiss-army knife. One day Andre Drummond is missing 17 free throws, 14-hours later Dylan Larkin is making plays, next day Nemo is skating around out there before Slash melts people’s faces off. Incredible.

But before all that, the WWE attempted to blow the pizza-pizza-guy off the roof of the new arena. Shane McMahon, son of billionaire CEO and owner of WWE Vince K. McMahon, and Kevin Owens, WWE superstar, nearly shot that pizza-man’s pepperoni to Jupiter in the main event of the PPV event Hell In A Cell. The crowd went berserk.

The previous matches set it all up. Mainly because the WWE title match was so uninteresting that fans at LCA started chanting “THIS IS BORING” and the guy who nobody wanted to win, Jinder Mahal, actually won.

Courtesy of WWE

Another matchup between Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode heard fans chanting “LITTLE CAESARS“…..”LITTLE CAESARS“…..”LITTLE CAESARS.” Probably because their $5 Hot-N-Ready pizzas are so damn good. They never disappoint because you know exactly what you’re getting.

The two top matches were set to take place with competitors locked inside the steel structure. The first match, The Usos vs. The New Day for the tag team titles, and main event, starring Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens, were electrifying. But both matches wouldn’t stay locked in the cage.

Just for reference…here’s what happened the last time Shane McMahon fought in a Hell in a Cell match.

Wild. Bananas. Insane. So naturally fans at LCA were anticipating something crazy to happen.

Here’s some more crazy shit that happened in Hell in a Cell.

(This was one of the most entertaining YouTube rabbit-holes I’ve fallen into.)

The Usos vs. New Day matchup brought some cringing moments. Especially when New Day member Xavier Woods took shot after shot, stinger after stinger to the torso by kendo sticks from the twin Usos while handcuffed and hung up on the ring-post.


Pure torture. But that was after Woods and his partner Big E beat up the Usos with a trombone, cowbell, and gong. Yes, you want to watch the video.

That match had the crowd chanting “THIS IS AWESOME” from the start before a few snooze-fest matches took some of the air out of LCA.

But as Shane McMahon entered to his trademark money, money, money music and hugged his family before entering the ring the crowd could feel something in the air. Bracing for something death-defying.

Before long, Shane cut the locks off the cell with bolt-cutters much to the liking of the LCA crowd.

“Someone get the EMT’s ready!” yelled WWE announcer Corey Graves as Owens was perched on top of the demonic structure while Shane lay lifeless on the announce table. But Owens couldn’t bring himself to jump.

And not long after that, Owens and McMahon were on an island on top of the 20-foot structure…

FullSizeRender (2)

The two duked it out on top of the cage, continuing to tease fans of a jump (or fall)…

IMG_3649 (2).PNG

…before Shane had Owens right where he wanted him. Or maybe not. Here is a series of five photos displaying Shane’s lunacy.

As you can see, Owens was saved by his old-friend turned rival Sami Zayn and was able to roll off before Shane crashed through the table, which gave Owens the victory and Shane a free ride to the hospital.

And that concludes another questionable, yet astonishing, decision by Shane McMahon in Hell in a Cell. I wonder if Shane has ever thought about not risking his life while “fake” wrestling? Again, doubtful. We wouldn’t want it any other way.






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