JUST NOW: A Battle of Wits — for America!

After a well-sourced NBC report last week revealed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Donald Trump a “f*cking moron” behind closed doors, Trump was reportedly furious. Tillerson did not deny the report and said he would not resign.

That prompted our Commander-in-Chief to once again put on the boxing gloves.

In an interview with Forbes, here’s what Trump had to say:

If Trump thought this was indeed ‘fake news,’ why would he feel the need to challenge the current foreign policy leader of the free world to a battle of wits?

Clearly that NBC report was accurate otherwise Trump wouldn’t feel the need to belittle his cohorts. Or, maybe he would, because that’s just the type of man our president is.

This might actually be good for Trump (but probably not). An IQ test on live television against Tillerson is the ratings dream our reality-show president has always dreamt of. I say we put them on a game of Jeopardy, winner takes control of the White House. There is no better way to determine someone’s intelligence than asking them about 14th century poets and ancient Chinese soup recipes.

I’m not sure what would be more amusing: watching Tillerson and Trump get torn to shreds on prime-time Jeopardy by this guy…

The New York City bartender who has taken the world by storm. Would you bet on Trump, Tillerson, or this guy?

…or watching a triple-threat match with Hilary Clinton (or any CNN correspondent) alongside the two right-wing powerhouses. Expect some fireworks in that contest. Either way we can count on Alex Trebek to shake his head in condescending judgement as America watches the most powerful people in the nation miss question after question.

Overall, Trump actually has a lot to lose and gain from taking an IQ test.

On the one hand, it could prove to his detractors that Trump actually is the ‘mad genius’ he and his confidants claim him to be. Get a lot of people off his back. He can just point to that test and say “look how smart I am.”

On the other hand, learning Trump had an IQ of anything below 120 (90-110 is considered average, above 120 is ‘superior’) you would have to assume the mainstream media would have a field day with it. Not to mention many outlets already questioning whether the president is mentally fit to serve.

No matter what I think we can all agree that our president should be selected through a long, nationally drawn-out Jeopardy tournament over the next 3 years.

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