JUST IN: [VIDEO] The Detroit-Amazon HQ2 bid video will give you chills

The video was made by Stephen McGee, with words by Jessica Care Moore, and music by Curt Morgan and Cyrus Reynolds. Get them an award now. I’m not even sure if they give out awards for these types of videos but hand them the gold medal NOW. At least free dinner in the city for life.

Any doubt that Detroit deserves Amazon HQ2 after watching that? Holy shit. I was ready to run through a brick wall for the city after the first 30-seconds.

Turn one day into day one. That’s what Detroit does. Take action in innovation cultivating the future. We may stumble, we may fall, but never cease relentlessly pushing forward.

Detroit is the Motor City. If any company wants to get into autonomous vehicles this is the place to start. Innovation and adaptation is what this city is known for. Just ask Henry Ford, who changed the working of the entire world while creating in this city. No big deal.

2017-10-21 (31).png

But if you think all Detroit has is cars you would be dead wrong. Detroit has SOUL. Detroit has grit. Detroit has an assembly-line, brick-by-brick, build from the ground up, bring your lunch pale and hardhat to work mentality, whether you’re a banker or construction worker, like no other city in the world.

“We are small business savvy, and billion-dollar business bold.”

2017-10-21 (10).png

We have 230-foot pine trees, monarch butterflies, and the beauty of the Great Lakes. Oh yeah, and it’s just a stone’s throw from are friends across the Ambassador Bridge.

2017-10-21 (8).png

The modern world was innovated in this city.

“Dream-chasers built Detroit. This is the world’s city. Design here, design the world. Build here, you’ll build the world. Create here, create the world. Move here, move the world.”

That’s the reach Detroit has. No other city can claim that like this one. The ideas formed in this city have spread throughout the world like no others. When Detroit is great, the world is great.

2017-10-21 (29)

2017-10-21 (9)2017-10-21 (17)2017-10-21



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