JUST NOW: New documents reveal second shooter in JFK assassination

Conspiracy theorists rejoice! Or should I simply say, those who seek truth, rejoice. Before you scroll down to see the evidence I, and others, have uncovered, you need to know the background of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States.

The ‘conspiracy’ of JFK is no longer one of the biggest sources of mystery and deceit in American history. On Thursday afternoon, the United States government added 2,891 documents relating to the assassination of  Kennedy, who served from 1961-63, and was killed in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963.

JFK was killed while traveling slowly down a predetermined parade route in his open-car presidential motorcade. Anybody who has seen the Zapruder Film can attest that it was one of the most gruesome sights in American history.

Since that moment, there have been countless thoughts and conspiracies contrived as to what happened on that fateful fall day.

It was previously purported and generally accepted that Lee Harvey Oswald, an American who defected to Russia in 1959 and attempted to renounce his U.S. citizenship, was the lone shooter from the Texas School Book Depository building. That has been refuted by many who have investigated the fact that it is near impossible to pull off the shots Oswald was said have done. It was 3 shots, 6 seconds, 2 out of 3 hits including the kill shot and one to the neck, and had enough time to walk out of the building unnoticed.

Oswald was then reportedly questioned by a police officer on the street, J.D. Tippett (remember that name), who he shot and killed before he ran into a nearby movie theater. There, he was found 30-minutes later and taken into custody in connection to the murder of Tippett and JFK.

After a day, on Nov. 24, 1963, Oswald was brought to the basement of the Dallas police headquarters where police planned on transferring him to a more secure county jail. The police brought Oswald out into the open and was swarmed by reporters, live news cameras, photographers, and other witnesses. If they were worried about Oswald’s safety, officers did a pretty poor job in protecting perhaps the only man at that point in time who could actually provide some answers, or was willing to anyways.

As the crowd surrounded Oswald, a man, Jack Ruby, emerged from the crowd, drew his .38 revolver, and gave one fatal shot to Oswald on live TV.

I’ve watched that video a hundred times, and I’m not one for conspiracy theories, I like facts and proof. But I don’t know if this could look any more setup and fake if they tried. It’s like the police just offered him up to Ruby on a silver platter. And Oswald has that stupid look on his face like he knew it was coming.

Jack Ruby operated strip clubs in Dallas and had connections to organized crime, specifically the Russian mafia, and was kind of a bigshot around town. Police showed leniency towards his establishments.  As previously stated, Oswald defected to Russia at one point, thus bringing up the possible connection that the two could have worked together in a plot to assassinate JFK.

He was friendly with Dallas police and they allowed for leniency at Ruby’s establishments. Many believe Ruby killed Oswald as part of a larger conspiracy theory, one that has been outlined in the new documents released just a day ago.

Images are screenshots directly from documents I found by downloading the full JFK-excel file provided in the National Archives.

The first snippet further proves the theory that Oswald and Ruby worked together. The documents are dated Nov. 27, 1963, five days after the killings of JFK and officer Tippett and four days after Oswald’s murder.

It states that two men, identified as Patterson and Donald C. Stu(art?), operated an electronics store in Dallas at 2533 Elm. They recalled Ruby and “Subj,” referring to the ‘subject’ of the documents which is found on the first page and is listed as “OSWALD,” visiting the store together two weeks ago.

2017-10-27 (7)

This places their visit well before the assassination of the president and shows that Ruby and Oswald indeed at least knew each other well enough to go shopping for microphones for one of Ruby’s nightclubs. So the connection of the two beforehand are confirmed by the account of the electronic store owners.

In another 3-page file, it describes a confidential informant who learned through a third-party that Mark Lane, the attorney of Oswald’s mother, Marguerite, inferred to a Polish daily newspaper that someone other than Oswald killed JFK.

The documents, dated Jan. 20, 1964, also state that person to be none other than the aforementioned Officer J.D. Tippett, who was supposedly killed by Oswald after approaching him on the street. It also says that an Italian newspaper reported there was “a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy; that police officer J.D. Tippett was to assassinate the President; that thereafter Tippett was to hide in the depository…”

2017-10-27 (10)2017-10-27 (11)

The documents, which have ‘SECRET’ and ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ plastered all over them, also states that same newspaper said Tippett was promised a big reward for this. After the assassination, he was also reported to meet Jack Ruby, where Ruby would kill the unknowing Tippett. This refutes the original thought that Oswald killed Tippett that day and the notion that Oswald was the lone shooter. There had to be more than one.

And in this last set of documents I will share here, found by Reddit users, it all but confirms that there was a second shooter in the assassination of JFK.

2017-10-27 (13)The fact that all of these documents have been locked away for 50 years in some cases is disgraceful in my opinion. The more information we have, the better. Take what you want with this new information. New revelations will pop up every day if people keep digging, which is a guarantee. President Donald Trump is also still withholding 300 or more documents which are to be reviewed before release in case of sensitive information.

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