JUST NOW: Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones Jr. impresses Katy Perry on American Idol

American Idol is back if anybody cares. And Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones Jr. is the first viral sensation of the season. Ryan Seacrest is reprising his role as host while the judges this season include Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry. Auditions began in August and the show will air in 2018. Katy Perry was flabbergasted when Jones Jr. almost brought the house down with his stunning vocals. Who would have thought that NFL players have other talents than just catching a pigskin and bashing their skulls together?

Anybody who runs a 4.43 40-yard dash (Not 4.3 as Luke Bryan claimed) and has pipes like that has to be some type of superhuman. Usually a person gets one or the other, musical talent or athletic ability. But Jones Jr. has it all. It looks like he belted out some serious tunes on the long car rides to football games when he was younger. You only get that good through meticulous practice coupled with God-given ability.

Jones Jr. has five TDs for the Lions so far this season through nine games. Not bad for a gentleman who had just four TDs in 15 games last season. No wonder he has a newfound swagger to him. Jones Jr. clearly picked up a ton of confidence from the kind words of the judges. He can just relax and play loose on the football field this season knowing he has singing as a fallback. I really think Katy Perry would sign him to a record deal if he wasn’t locked up with the Lions for the next three seasons after this one.

jones jr

But you have to think Jones Jr. made the right decision sticking with football over the musical arts considering the success and money he has made. The Lions signed Jones Jr. to a 5-year/$40million deal with $20 million guaranteed two offseasons ago. But It’s actually an extremely tough call on choosing football over singing. Football and singing – one of those will give you brain damage and the other will not.

But who knows where Jones Jr. would be at if he chose the musical route? It’s impossible to say. There are thousands of talents out there who are better singers than Katy Perry and Taylor Swift but that doesn’t automatically make them successful or millionaires. A lot of luck and connections are involved in making it big in the music business that simply aren’t needed to get drafted to a pro sports league. If you have the athletic talent and potential, scouts will find you anywhere you’re at. At the end of the day, either way, Jones Jr. would have been doing what he loved.

I have to admit, it was very good. It was nearing great but I just needed maybe 30 more seconds to make that call as the credible music critic that I am. If this was The Voice you have to think that’s a 4-chair turn right there. No judge could have resisted that silky smooth voice.

P.S. –  I was under the impression that American Idol was for the common man. A person can just walk off the streets and sing their way to superstardom in the blink of an eye. But I guess they need some big names to get big ratings. Honestly, if this is any indication, this will be the worst season of American Idol yet.

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