JUST IN: US suspects mind control tactics used against diplomats in China

Late Wednesday night The New York Times reported on a medical mystery that appears to be a targeted attack against the United States Consulate in China.

Over the past couple months, American officials, diplomats and their families have fallen ill after targeted attacks involving strange sounds, sensations and vibrations leading to symptoms similar to a “concussion or minor traumatic brain injury,” according to the State Department.

A similar situation popped up in Havana, Cuba in 2016 at the American Embassy. A total of 24 employees and family members had symptoms of headaches, hearing loss, nausea, and other cognitive issues after stating they heard odd sounds. That particular situation led President Donald Trump to expel 15 Cuban diplomats from the United States. The Cuban government denied any involvement.

After the most recent incident, American officials have “raised suspicions about whether other countries, perhaps China or Russia, might be to blame” for the apparent cognitive control attempts, according to NYT. Although, this is not exactly the same type of mind control that Dr. Doofenshmirtz used to control Perry the Platypus’ mind and force him to eat already chewed gum, which we can all agree was pure evil.

The Americans affected this time in Guangzhou, China, just northwest of Hong Kong, were subjected to the noises in their apartment complexes filled with foreigners and wealthy Chinese business people. Two Americans and family were also evacuated on Wednesday and are being tested by a State Department medical team, according to NYT.

Although it remains unclear if the strange sounds were the cause of the reported illnesses, it appears as if the United States is treating these cases as attacks instead of coincidence. Officials said to expect more Americans to be flown out of China after more employees are experiencing the neurological symptoms.

Last month, the State Department said one person reported “subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure.” Others report the sounds, sensations and vibrations similar to that of cicadas, static, metal sheets waving, or marbles rolling around a metal cylinder.

At the time, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the situation is very similar to that which occurred in Havana. On Tuesday, Pompeo said no cause has been established.

mind control signal ben10

The State Department also noted, “We are not aware of any similar situations in China, either inside or outside of the diplomatic community.”

If this is indeed a targeted attack as it seems to be, it would be a confirmation of the use of neuro-cognitive warfare.

2018-06-06It is often speculated that this type of warfare could be used for a type of mind control, but it seems to be something from a sci-fi movie, creating weapons that can disrupt or alter cognitive processes. In this case the aggressor used different sounds and sensations to somehow trigger something in American diplomats’ minds to negatively affect their health and abilities. It deters motivation and will-power which hinders whatever work they may be doing.

It’s mind control, and it’s here. So maybe next time I’m alone in silence and I hear that weird, static-y noise in my head that sounds like random radio frequency I won’t take it so lightly?

P.S. Also check out this story from The Daily Beast about US citizens speculating they’ve been mind controlled by their own government for nearly 30 years. Speculative, but interesting to think about in light of new information.

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