JUST NOW: Detroit Lions one of three NFL teams not on Forbes’ 50 most valuable sports teams

Although they house the fourth highest paid player in the NFL in QB Matthew Stafford, the Detroit Lions, with a valuation of $1.7 billion, was ONE of just THREE NFL franchises not listed in Forbes’ ‘World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams 2018.’ The Lions are currently the second-lowest valuated NFL franchise, sitting in between the Cincinnati Bengals ($1.8 billion) and Buffalo Bills ($1.6 billion).


The Lions are not a valuable, money-making team. That should come as no surprise as the team has the sixth worst record in the NFL over the past decade. While the Lions have made the postseason in three of the past 10 seasons, the remnants of the brutal 2008 0-16 season, followed by a 2-win season, still lingers bitterly in the mouth of Lions’ fans. And thanks to the Cleveland Browns winless record in 2017, Lions’ fans can’t even claim that they had the worst team in NFL history anymore. Sad.

With head coach Matt Patricia being onboarded, after Jim Caldwell led the franchise to their best four-year record since 1967-72, Lions’ fans have a new hope that the next decade will be the most prosperous time in the history of the franchise. And fans have every right and reason to feel that way.

While Stafford leads the pride once again into the 2018 season, it feels like something big is on the horizon.

lion king

The Lions should have a newfound swagger and intensity, specifically on the defensive side of the ball as Patricia is touted as one of the best defensive minds in all of football. The offense will be there with one of the most prolific passers of this generation slinging the pigskin around the field to the only pair of WR’s in the entire NFL, Marvin Jones Jr. and Golden Tate, that both caught for over 1,000 yards.

The addition of LeGarrette Blount should also prove to add a TON of grit to the backfield as Ameer Abdullah attempts to reach his so-called limitless potential.

With one of the more exciting off-seasons in the history of the franchise, fans are excited as ever for the Boys in Honolulu Blue to get back to Ford Field and chase the team’s first division title since 1993. And nothing would skyrocket the value of the team more than a NFC North title, the first playoff game in the history of Ford Field, and a deep run in the playoffs. The Lions are currently the best championship hope in Detroit and I believe that this season will be the tipping point to something unimaginable…


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