JUST NOW: Did the Lions end the Brady/Belichick dynasty?

The Lions beat the Patriots 26-10. The Jets beat the Lions 48-17. The Browns beat the Jets 21-17. Therefore, the Browns are better than the Patriots? Not quite.

Head coach Matt Patricia systemically dominated his former team of 14-years in every aspect of the game to get his first win at the helm of the Lions. The apprentice became the master.


Terrific Tom looked not so terrific in the Motor City. His beard looked grey and his arm looked weak. The Lions bullied him all night long. It looked like the Patriot offense was running in mud all night. They were either in slow motion or the Lions are actually a good team. And to think I had this ready to go if the Lions got blown out like 99% of the world predicted:


(Can you really blame me for thinking this? I mean, even the Buffalo Bills got a win this week.)


Now, I did cancel the Lions season after the week 1 48-17 loss against the putrid New York Jets.

But I still couldn’t help myself this week. I went Lions ML (+260) and over 23.5 points scored. I bet with my heart, not my head, which is usually ultimately my downfall.

I didn’t expect to win, but I have never placed a bet against a Detroit team and NEVER will.

But I have no idea what to make of this Lions team. They are more unpredictable than my drunk walks home on Saturday nights, an unlimited number scenarios and almost all of them end poorly.

Some nights, they lose by 30-points on national television to Dwight Schrute’s son who was the youngest starting QB in Monday Night Football history.

But every once in a while, gold is struck, the Lions execute offensively and defensively like the playoff-contenders that Lions’ fans know they are, and I make it home with a winning ticket. A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

My cancellation of the Lions 2018 season stands as called… for now*.

*Cancellation subject to change

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