JUST IN: Kanye West visits Dan Gilbert’s StockX in Detroit

Tuesday afternoon Kanye tweeted out a videos of himself hanging out with Dan Gilbert in Detroit. If you didn’t know who Kanye was, you might think he actually cares about things. He’ll simply hit send on these tweets and move on to the next thing that catches his eye.


Kanye LOVED the Bedrock interactive models. He was examining the 3D sculpture of Detroit like it was a supermodel walking down the runway in his new season of Yeezy clothes titled “plain sweaters, high price.”

2018-10-03 (2)


$260 for a crew neck? $320 for a hoodie? This just has to be some kind of sick joke. There is no person alive who thinks any crew neck ever made in history is worth more than $60 unless it’s lined with diamonds. There is just no way in hell that adding a hood to the crew neck is worth an extra $60. I’m good with my $20 University of Michigan crew neck thank you very much.

Kanye makes good music. I like it a lot. But he is arguably the single most disingenuous person in the world. But hey, great publicity for Dan Gilbert and StockX, can’t blame them for that.

Gilbert is the owner of StockX, an innovative shoe distribution site specializing in the rare and obscure. It is one of the most reliable places to find every style of every size of every season of Yeezy’s and Gilbert undoubtedly would largely benefit from a good relationship with one of the most noteworthy shoe designers at the current time.

But then, Kanye will send a tweet like this…

…ignoring the fact he’s been parading around in a MAGA hat supporting the presidential administration’s detrimental and degrading environmental policies.

2018-10-03 (4)

(I won’t mention how he went to TMZ and told tens of millions of his followers that slavery “sounds like a choice” to him. That fruit is too low-hanging for me.)

And why does he think that recycling is a state-of-the-art idea?

2018-10-03 (5)

Maybe take a breath in the real world every once in a while Kanye. Now introducing the next season of Yeezy:

kanye snl

Pure fire, am I right?kanye snl

Is this another sign we should keep Dan Gilbert away from the Detroit Tigers? Or would being associated with highly recognizable celebrities like Kanye turn Detroit into a bigger market?

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