JUST IN: Will the real Detroit Lions please stand up

Another up and down game for the Lions as the Green Bay Packers handed the game to them on a silver platter.

The Packer kicker missed four, COUNT EM, FOUR missed field goals AND an extra point as the Lions win 31-23. If Mason Crosby puts even two of those FG’s through the uprights there’s a very good chance the Lions drop this game and go to 1-4 before the bye week.

2018-10-08 (2)

Instead, the Lions give us fans another inkling of hope and prepare us for another late season disaster. The Lions now boast wins over arguably the two best quarterbacks in the NFL in Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Throw Sam Darnold out there against this Lions defense though and he’ll put up 50-points.

A lot of people in Detroit have no idea how to feel about this team. The Packers missed four FGs and an XP while Aaron Rodgers lost two fumbles and Kevin King made an absolutely brutal mistake on a punt return that gave the Lions the football on the GB 1-yard line to set up a touchdown. And in the end, Aaron Rodgers still had a chance to tie the game. All of those GB mistakes and the Lions mustered the win by one possession. A win against Green Bay is always huge for the Lions but don’t get carried away. The Lions did not play good, the Packers just played horrible.

2018-10-08 (4)

The Lions lost everything except the turnover battle and the game, which is obviously what matters. But these stats don’t bode well for the Lions. We were one Matthew Stafford interception away from another devastating defeat at the hands of Rodgers.

This reeks of another season finishing between 7-9 and 9-7 while narrowly missing the playoffs while we spend another offseason talking about how next year is the year the Lions finally take that next step.

Will it be the Calvin Johnson rule that destroys us this year? Will they give up 5 TD passes to a backup QB? Or an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary? I really can’t wait to get my heart ripped out in a new an exciting way. It’s the only thing that makes this team interesting on a year-to-year basis.

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