JUST IN: Your 2019 NBA Champions start their season tonight

Ahhhh, here we are once again. The start of a new season. The birds are flying south (which means less bird dumps on my car), the electricity is in the air and the buckets are about to drop.

I had a similar feeling when the Red Wings started their season a little over a week ago. Their 0-4-2 start quickly put that feeling to bed. Now I’m in full tank-mode.

But the Pistons have the chance to write a different chapter in the Detroit sports history books. The Pistons went .500 against the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors last season beating them in Oakland 115-107 and a loss at Little Caesar’s Arena 102-98. So don’t say the team doesn’t have potential.

The Pistons brought in last year’s NBA Coach of the Year Dwane Casey after he was fired in Toronto for never being given a team good enough to compete against LeBron. Couple that with a full season of Blake Griffin alongside brick-machine Andre Drummond and there is little doubt in my mind that the Pistons will be a top-eight team in the Eastern Conference. And as they say, just give us a chance. Now the LeBron is out on the west coast the Pistons can finally and rightfully bring the crown back to Detroit.

People forget that the Pistons were the most dominant team in the NBA (besides the Spurs) between 2002-08 when they reached six straight Eastern Conference Finals, two NBA Finals, and burned down the Shaq/Kobe dynasty in 2004. Then we traded away Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson which was like throwing the captain of an efficiently operating ship overboard. The Pistons haven’t been relevant since giving up Mr. Big Shot. I’m dubbing it “The Curse of Billups” until the Pistons can find a halfway serviceable point guard.

If the Pistons had a point guard like Chris Paul, or even John Wall, I would 100% guarantee an NBA championship in 2019. But since we are stuck with the undersized Reggie Jackson who looks like he’s trying to impress his girlfriend in the stands every time he has the ball, I will stay grounded with a 10% guarantee (s/o Dennis Rodman).

Get ready for the Lob City 2.0 Detroit remix.

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