JUST IN: Devin Bush demolishes midfield Sparty logo pregame

This has to be one of the most disrespectful acts ever committed on the gridiron. Devin Bush looks like a dog who just took a dump on the Sparty head and is trying to cover it up.

Every former or current athlete or sports fan on Earth knows that the stepping on the logo is a BIG no-no. Step on the logo in the locker room and you’re doing conditioning for the entire upcoming practice. In the hockey locker room the team wouldn’t even let you dress after degrading the logo, just put on the running shoes and run around the rink until the two-hour practice is over. The midfield logo is a little more touchy as there’s no avoiding stepping on it but the respect still must be shown. I could not even imagine the reaction from Wolverine fans if this was to happen the Michigan “M.”

The destruction of the midfield Sparty was antagonized by Sparty’s own pregame shenanigans when they lined up for their team walk straight down the field as Bush stretched at midfield.

Sparty does this before every home game in East Lansing and surely Bush knew this. Can’t call it a rivalry without true bad blood.

If Michigan State loses this will go down as the SINGLE most degrading, demoralizing acts in the history of football. The cockiness levels of this are on another planet and if the blue lose there is no chance in hell Devin Bush or Wolverine fans live it down. Michigan HAS to win now.

If Sparty pulls off another upset of the Wolverines that would make them 9-2 in the last 11 years against the number one public university in America. If Sparty wins, Devin Bush and this clip will forever go down in infamy as it’s replayed year after year as a testament not to push the superstitious limits of football.

The o/u is 40 for this game which is astronomically high. Look for a low-scoring game and for Michigan to show who has the superior athletes on the field. Sparty simply doesn’t have the players to match up this year. Meanwhile, the Wolverines control their own destiny for the College Football Playoff.

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