JUST IN: Michigan dominates Sparty to bring Paul Bunyan home

This was unfair. The game was HOT from the start after the pregame antics from both sides, but Michigan was the superior team with the clearly superior athletes on a stormy day in East Lansing. It wasn’t exactly the cake-walk Michigan fans would’ve loved, but the Wolverines still dominated every facet of the game from start to finish. There was not a second of the game where any right-minded individual thought that the Spartans were the better team or had the better athletes on the field.

Sure, it was a 7-7 tie game for a minute there after a gut-wrenching fumble within the Wolverine’s own 20 yard line. The weather delay brought flashbacks of last year’s rain-game where Sparty upset the Wolverines at the Big House. Sparty then pulled out the Philly special which was the only possible chance they had of putting the ball in the end zone against the stonewall Michigan defense. I wanted to punch a wall but I was in a public place and there was already enough embarrassing Michigan fans raging like were prepubescent children, so I contained myself.

Then Donovan Peoples-Jones made the world right again by taking a Shea Patterson pass 79-yards for the touchdown and Michigan never looked back.

But like Mike Hart said, sometimes you have to let your little brother score a point or two. Make them feel good about themselves for a split-second. Then you hold them down, step on their throats and show them who the big dawg in the pound is. Michigan proved that they were the bigger, faster, stronger and better team in every way on Saturday afternoon.

However, let the record show that Sparty is not a good team. Michigan looks good in all aspects and has all the tires turning smoothly as they’ve crushed ranked opponents Wisconsin and Michigan State in back-to-back weeks. But Michigan football is not back until they defeat the degenerates from south of the Michigan border. It’s Michigan’s year to go into the Horseshoe and bust a nut.

The Paul Bunyan trophy is once again where it belongs and Wolverine fans have a solid year of gloating in Sparty fans’ faces until we get to do it all again next year. Sparty fans now have a year to contemplate and accept that they may never again beat a Jim Harbaugh-coached Michigan football team.

Go Blue

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