JUST NOW: The best player on the Warriors with the game-winning bucket

The number one late-game option on the back-to-back champion Golden State Warriors made a heroic tip-in at the buzzer to beat the Utah Jazz 124-123.

You’re thinking Kevin Durant, right? WRONG. Steph Curry? Nope. Not Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Boogie Cousins hasn’t even hit the court yet this season.

So, who?

new day who.gif

None other than the former Detroit Piston great who carried the team to four consecutive seasons of 30-wins or less between 2009-15, the Swedish sensation, Jonas Jerebko.

Early in the 2018-19 NBA season, Jerebko is shooting an astounding .800 FG% and .667 from three-point range. He has asserted himself as the top dawg in the Bay Area when it comes to late-game heroics.

We have to start respecting this man’s name. The Warriors would be in turmoil without him.

Nice to know early in the season who will have the ball in their hands when the Warriors are up by 40 in the NBA Finals after sweeping the Western Conference.

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