JUST NOW: Red Wings notch first victory on their eighth try of the season

The Detroit Red Wings finally notched their first victory of the 2018-19 hockey season in the eighth game of the season. This puts them at 1-5-2 and solidly looking like the worst team in the NHL. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

This is a lost season. The Red Wings are trying to find their bearings after Captain Hank’s sudden retirement and that will take some time. We need the number one overall pick in next year’s NHL draft. Don’t mess around and win enough games to get a low top-10 pick that may or may not develop. TANK and get a guarantee future superstar that will set the franchise up for success for the next decade or more.

                                                            LOSE FOR HUGHES

As long as the young players continue to develop for a future of success it doesn’t really matter if the Red Wings win any games this season. Just ask Steve Yzerman how his first seven seasons in the league as captain of the Red Wings went (hint: they were dubbed the Dead Wings. At one point Mike Illitch gave away a free car at every home game to one lucky fan like he was the promo king Jackie Moon).

A hockey rebuild is not a fast process. If the team is going to be bad, let’s be terrible and get that top player in the draft before putting the “C” on Larkin’s Jersey next year.

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