JUST IN: Blake Griffin facials Joel Embiid

Run the floor. Fake-out. Facial. Just as easy as 1-2-3 A-B-C.

Blake Griffin is back. We will tolerate no more Blake Griffin slander in this blog until further notice. No more mentions of 2014 Blake being an apparition or him losing the pump in his jump. It’s clearly FAKE NEWS.

Oh, you thought you were putting one in the blocked shots column Embiid? Think again, pal. Anytime you walk into the Motor City be ready to take one on the chin as Air Blake takes lift-off with intentions similar to that of Guy Fierri with a slice of pizza in front of him.

guy fierri

Absolute destruction on the brain and no force on Earth can stop it from happening. Good luck to any slice of pizza en route to the gullet of Guy Fierri and any defender in between Blake and the basket. God speed.


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