The Detroit Pistons beat the Philadelphia 76ers 133-132 in OT.


50 points

14 rebounds

6 assists

Not to mention the Pistons were down by two points with five second left and Blake drove the lane like a man amongst boys, drew the foul, and sent the bucket home. He hit the free throw with the swagger and confidence of somebody who eats pizza on camera every day in front of millions of people. No doubt about it pure money.

Not to mention Blake hit 5 (COUNT EM, FIVE) three-pointers to put down what many consider to be one of the top two contenders in the Eastern Conference this season. Blake put up 50 points and put a dunk on MVP candidate Joel Embiid that made Embiid look like he was weaker than single-ply toilet paper.

Blake has firmly cemented himself as a legitimate contender for MVP and are setting the Pistons up to be the surprise team in the NBA this season. If Blake can pull the Pistons into a top-4 spot in the East he’ll surely be a top-3 MVP candidate. The Pistons were absolutely dead before Blake landed in Detroit at the trade deadline last season. Quite possibly the best thing ol’ Stan Van ever did while he was at the helm in the Motor City was trade for this bloated contract.

The Pistons are heading back to the playoffs ladies and gents and there’s no LeBron in the way to stop us this time.

Drummond was ejected late in the game because Embiid is trash and flopped like a seal to get Drummond out of the game.

Embiid finished with 33 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists while Andre had a 14 point, 16 rebound double-double and ended with the last laugh with the Pistons’ victory.


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