JUST IN: Celtics dish out dose of reality to Pistons

The Detroit Pistons came into Saturday night’s game against the Boston Celtics undefeated on the young season. That wouldn’t last long.

The Eastern Conference runner-ups last season laid the smackdown on the Pistons’ candy asses.

the rock smackdown.gif

The Celtics dominated from start to finish to end with a 20-point victory visiting the Motor City. The Celtics showed what a true NBA powerhouse looks like and proved that, at this moment, the Pistons have a lot of work to do if they want to creep into the conversation of the top four teams in the conference.

With the combination of Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, arguably two of the top 15 players in the East, the Pistons should make a good run at securing a first-round home playoff series. That would be the first home playoff series in the history of the Little Caesar’s Arena. Pistons’ interim GM Ed Stefanski and coach Dwane Casey will likely make a move to get a shooter (*cough* Bradley Beal *cough*) to line up on the outside around the big men.

Blake is bringing playoff basketball back to the Motor City and I can’t wait. This was an ugly loss but talk to me in five months when Dwane Casey has mastered the art of the lob like the Pistons are the 2014 LA Clippers.

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