JUST IN: Bye-Bye Golden Tate

The most prolific pass-catcher for the Detroit Lions over the past five years is on his way out of town. WR Golden Tate has been traded to the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles for a 3rd-round draft pick.

Golden Tate was on an expiring contract and was likely to leave Detroit high and dry via free agency after the conclusion of this season. But this feels like the Lions are throwing in the white flag for this season as they sit with a 3-4 record and a treacherous schedule ahead that includes the Vikings and Bears twice, former NFL MVP Cam Newton and the Panthers, the undefeated LA Rams, and Aaron Rodgers to end the season. Without Golden Tate, the lead passing option with 44 receptions for 517 yards to top both categories, it feels like a bigger long-shot than ever that the Lions will have any type of success this season.

Not trying to rub it in anyone’s face, but I did cancel the Lions’ season after they lost to the NY Jets and a rookie QB by 40-points on the first game of the season.

Easiest call I’ve ever made in my life. They are who we thought they were. Who we know they are. The lovable losers who will never accomplish anything but giving their fans high blood pressure at a record-setting age.

I’m here to tell you to not take the bait. When the Lions hype-train starts rolling like it did before this season you can GUARANTEE that I will be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Don’t get all riled up because we all know how it ends every season. Misery, misery and more misery. It’s officially #DraftSZN again for the Lions (Lions #DraftSZN is 95% of the year. That’s all we as fans have to look forward to every year on a consistent basis. Can’t wait to see what TE we snag with the 14th pick in the first round).

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