JUST IN: Drummond pads stats in loss against Charlotte

This was a classic Andre Drummond-era Pistons’ game. The Detroit Pistons’ All-Star center has grown a reputation around the NBA and among fans for being a lazy player who’s main interest is personal stats over winning. Some people think him grabbing 20 rebounds in a game looks so effortless that he should be able to pull in 30 a night. If you were to watch him play a full game it looks like he runs the court in slow motion compared to everybody else. It almost defies the laws of inertia how slow he appears to jog.

On this night against the Charlotte Hornets, Drummond put up an impressive 23-point, 22-rebound double-double as the Pistons lost 113-103 at Little Caesar’s Arena. Dre puts up the stats and the Pistons put up the loss. That has been the tale of the tape since he entered the league as a highly touted prospect out of UConn. He simply cannot be the centerpiece on a winning team and that had become abundantly obvious in what is now his seventh year in the league.

That’s why the BLAKE 4 MVP train rolls on! Remember when the new face of Detroit basketball Blake Griffin hit for 50 points against the Philadelphia 76ers a few weeks back?

2018-12-07 (7)

Not only did Blake drop 50 points, he drained two free-throws with 1.8 seconds left in OT to beat the 76ers, globally viewed as a top Eastern Conference contender, 133-132. That’s how it’s done Andre. I would love to see the stat on how many 20-point, 20-rebound games Andre has had with the Pistons that resulted in a team loss. I’m too lazy to do the math but I would guess that the numbers are definitely not favorable to Drummond.

This is a clear indication that Drummond needs to pass the torch and let go trying to be the number one option on a team with a legit MVP-candidate. Center the offense around Blake and rack up W’s. The formula is clear.

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