JUST NOW: The Lions are bad.

The Detroit Lions are trailing the Chicago Bears 26-0 with a lot of time left to play in the first half. I’m completely demoralized and writing this blog early so I don’t have to torture myself watching the rest of the game. The Lions are showing no signs of fight or heart or determination and I will not get behind a team that shows zero passion. An absolutely pathetic showing that Lions’ fans are accustomed to. It’s the reason I cancelled the season after the first game of the year. It was too obvious.

The Lions are bad. It’s nothing new. Water is wet, the sky is blue, the Earth is round and taxes are due. It’s the way it always has been and the way it always will be. It doesn’t matter which personnel from championship organizations are brought in to steer the ship. Whoever dares associate themselves with the Honolulu Blue is destined to be cursed. Just look at how Eric Ebron is doing in his first season away from the Motor City compared to his first four seasons with the Lions.


And to think Odell and Aaron Donald were selected immediately following Ebron in the draft makes my insides hurt.

Meanwhile, Julio Jones just broke a Calvin Johnson record.


So I will stop here and let the Lions do what they do best; making every Lions’ fan miserable on Sunday afternoon.

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