JUST NOW: Should the Warriors tank for Zion?

Stud Duke recruit and top NBA draft prospect Zion Williamson almost jumped to the moon on this alley-oop.

The state of Michigan is getting a first-hand look at the powerhouse top-ranked Duke Blue Devils as they hosted the Eastern Michigan Eagles on Wednesday night.

On one alley-oop in the first half, the number one ranked amateur basketball player in the world nearly hit his head in the rim while mid-flight.


The world hasn’t seen vertical prowess like this since MJ jumped from half-court in Space Jam. And Zion can’t even stretch his arms like that!


With Draymond Green being suspended for one game without pay from the back-to-back champion Golden State Warriors for an altercation with Kevin Durant there is tension brewing in Oakland.

Draymond reportedly told Durant that Durant was trying to make this season all about him before he bolts town during free agency after this season.


The only way for the Warriors to fill that void appears to be in the collegiate ranks. If the Warriors are going to lose the firepower of arguably the purest scorer in basketball history in Kevin Durant they need a backup plan. Zion Williamson is that backup plan. That’s why I believe it is in the best interest of the Golden State Warriors to tank the rest of the season to get a top pick in next year’s NBA draft to solidify them as a super-team for the next decade.

With LeBron James joining the Western Conference the Warriors are shaking in their boots. The Warriors are nervous and the outside world is seeing the cracks in the armor. Zion would officially make the Warriors bullet-proof and so that is the route they need to take. It might be the road less traveled but in the end it will bring riches beyond any person’s wildest imagination.

I legitimately have no idea why teams aren’t rushing to tank for this guy. If there was ever a draft prospect worth tanking for to get those extra balls in the NBA Draft Lottery, this is him. Tank. Everybody tank.

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