JUST IN: Detroit NOT one of 5 least-safe cities in America

Did you hear the news? The streets of Detroit are echoing as families across the Motor City are flocking back into the city at a record pace for the holidays because of the unbelievable reality that Detroit is NOT one of the five least safe cities in America, according to WalletHub.

Here’s the cities you most definitely want to bring a shank or some type of defensive weapon with you while traveling:

2018-12-03 (2)

Notice that the city of Detroit, creator of the assembly line (no big deal), is sitting comfortably outside of the five least safe cities. Nothing to worry about here! Nothing at all.

The difference between Little Rock at the 178th position and Detroit at 177th could not be a larger gap. Yes, Detroit might be considered the sixth least safe city to visit in 2018 but there’s still half a month left until 2019 and the Motor City is running up the score in the fourth quarter. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Detroit push past Oklahoma City, Wichita, or LA on this list in the coming month. We’ve come a long way since a Detroit undercover cop got in a fight with another undercover Detroit cop because neither one of them knew that the other was an undercover cop. You can’t make that up, folks.

Honestly I’m not totally sure how WalletHub comprises these scores and how they choose the 182 cities to judge. But mark my words, this time next year we’ll be talking about Detroit having a score of 60. Yep, you read that right. Detroit will have a total score of at least 60 in WalletHub’s annual list of least safe cities. Now that’s a hot take. Remember where you heard it first. JUST-IN: JUST-NOW.

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