JUST NOW: Harbaugh reaffirms commitment to Michigan

Another Michigan Man, ESPN insider Adam Schefter, has the scoop on Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh.

2018-12-10 (8)
2018-12-10 (8)Not that this is shocking news for any Michigan football fan but it always must be said this time of year.

As every offseason inevitably rolls around and NFL coaches start to get the shaft the rumor mill surrounding Harbaugh always skyrockets this time of year. This time around the word on the street was that he was potentially interested in the new head coach vacancies with the Green Bay Packers and the Cleveland Browns, both of which are coveted positions at the moment due to their quarterback situations. And Harbaugh, being a former Wolverine and NFL quarterback himself as well as grooming Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick, is seen as a QB guru.

But Harbaugh hasn’t for one second thought about bolting for what would seem to be greener pastures.


Put the rumors to bed. Harbaugh will be at Michigan until they are once again the team we remember from the Bo Schembechler golden-era. And it’s a thing of beauty to see on Michigan Man helping another. Schefter knew that Harbaugh had no interest in leaving their alma mater for an NFL job. Being the outstanding Michigan Man he is, Schefter got the scoop on Harbaugh to kill the rumors and ensure no top recruits are lost due to uncertainty at the head coach position. You love to see it. That’s what the Michigan network is all about.

And now that Urban Meyer is moving on from head coach of the team down south, Harbaugh can finally have a fully successful career as head coach of the Wolverines. Harbaugh is 0-4 against Meyer in The Game. The most recent loss stung more than most.

2018-12-10 (14)
(This is a picture of a disowned Michigan Man. If you see him he is an enemy.) 

The one thing Harbaugh hasn’t done since taking over is live up to the moniker of QB guru he attained through his time as QB as a Wolverine and in the NFL and developing Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick into high-caliber players. So far in four years at Michigan Harbaugh has had somewhat of a QB musical chairs trying to get fifth year seniors and transfers to fill the gap in the offense. Shea Patterson stepped up this season but called it “successful” after losses to Notre Dame and Ohio State. That’s disgraceful. Wolverine fans are still seeking that one big QB recruit to put the team over the edge. The defense is there. The offense is archaic. Time for Harbaugh to prove he can recruit a dynamic quarterback like Dabo Sweeney and Nick Saban and Urban Meyer seem to always have in their arsenal.

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