JUST IN: Weekend Recap – Fight night at LCA, Philly beef and a Lions’ victory

This weekend in Detroit sports was one of the most electric of the year, that is if you’re not counting wins and losses. If you actually care about the records of the teams from the city that revolutionized mass production then you probably had a tough one. If you care about entertainment value then you had yourself a bright weekend.

To start things off the Detroit Pistons hosted the scumbag Philadelphia 76ers in the Motor City on Friday night. Every time these two teams get together the sparks fly and the tension in the air is thicker than Elmer’s glue.

In recent memory, we’ve had a massive Blake Griffin facial of Joel Embiid and I’ve also had to issue an unfortunate retraction due to circumstances beyond my control (AKA Andre Drummond being owned by Embiid). But this time we’ve got a new insanely intense All-Star officially getting in the mix to join what has the early makings of a solid Eastern Conference rivalry for the next three or four years. We’ve got Jimmy Butler beef. 

There’s a lot of talk out there that Butler is a quiet assassin but all anybody has heard or talked about this far into the NBA season is his ordeal in Minnesota where he demanded a trade. Butler had done everything he could to get away from LeBron James and was willing to go to the frozen landscape that is the Timberwolves of the Western Conference to escape his grasp. The second LeBron went to the West, Butler wanted back East. Coincidence? That’s for you to decide. I just simply state the facts.

(I debated inserting the block into the blog but then I remembered Blake isn’t scared of anything and doesn’t back down from anyone. BLAKE 4 MVP)

The Pistons dropped the game 117-110 and followed that up with a loss to the Pelicans on Sunday. These two teams play again TONIGHT. It’s a must-watch. (UPDATE: Blake Griffin out (rest) tonight vs. 76ers)

The Red Wings were held to one game this weekend but it was arguable the most entertaining NHL game of the weekend. After the Red Wings got a 2-0 lead on the New York Islanders it turned into FIGHT NIGHT at Little Caesar’s Arena.

The New York trash did what New York trash does. Just a sad, dirty organization. There’s a reason they are perennially known as the sorriest team in the NHL and can’t keep their all-time best players around for more than six years.

Future captain of the Red Wings Dylan Larkin had two assists and a fight in the game and is quickly developing into the NHL superstar the people of Detroit knew he could be during his rookie year fresh out of the University of Michigan.

That dirty slew foot on veteran Red Wing defender, NHL All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist and Stanley Cup champion Niklas Kronwall by the New York trash came AFTER this classic, vicious yet clean hit on the Islanders’ Anders Lee.

This, known in Detroit as being KRONWALLED, is as beautiful as a hit as there is. Rightfully there was no penalty on the play. You don’t want to get destroyed like this? Keep your head up. It’s DAY ONE stuff they teach when you’re four years old and taking your first steps on the ice in the I-league.

Then Justin Abdelkader got in the mix which could have ended better for him if we’re being honest, which we always are.

2018-12-10.pngThe Red Wings were leading 2-0 when Fight Night got under way, got frustrated, took penalties and let up three unanswered goals to lose 3-2.

It would have been a defeated weekend for Detroit sports had it not been for our savior Detroit Lions. They crushed the Arizona Cardinals 17-3 in a game that had (approximately) 75 total punts. Leave it to the Lions to win multiple games when they’re no longer in playoff contention to screw their draft position.

All in all, a terribly entertaining weekend of Detroit sports.


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