JUST NOW: Michigan Basketball ranked No. 1 in country

There’s a reason I placed a nice $10 wager at (-6000) odds on the University of Michigan men’s basketball team to win the 2019 National Championship. It’s because they have John Beilein who has turned into arguably the best head coach in college basketball with one of the perennially deepest rosters in the country.

2018-12-10 (6)
Proof I ain’t a fraud. 

The Wolverines are now the number one ranked NET team. The NET rankings are a new system meant to replace RPI to evaluate college basketball teams as the season progresses. It relies on game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin, net offensive/defensive efficiency and quality of wins/losses. They are ranked fifth in the AP Poll behind Gonzaga, Tennessee, Duke and Kansas. Gonzaga and Duke both carry a loss on their resume while Michigan sits at an undefeated 10-0 with a blowout victories against the defending champion Wildcats and North Carolina Tarheels already.

2018-12-10 (5)2018-12-10 (5)It’s truly baffling how the Wolverines aren’t ranked first in the AP Poll too but the media hype trains surrounding the teams is too much to handle right now. Honestly it wasn’t difficult to predict that the Wolverines would once again be a fierce force on the hardwood this season after an appearance in the 2018 National Championship game in a big loss against the Villanova Wildcats. It wasn’t only a big loss for Michigan on the scoreboard, but for my personal bank account. I rode the Wolverines’ coattails throughout the entirety of March and BANKED. That’s when I got greedy and decided to risk all the cumulative March winnings for one last ride on the Wolverines. That was a loser five minutes into that game and was tough to swallow. I sat in the bar for the next 35 minutes of game time (probably 2 or 3 hours) knowing that I made a horrible bet. I’m not sure if there is a worse feeling. Just days after my birthday no less.

That’s why this season I was coming for redemption by attempting to win back what I lost in last year’s title game with a $10 bet. That’s a Cinderella Story if I’ve ever heard one. Start writing the movie scripts NOW, “The Redemption Bet.” I’m already working out my Oscars speech to be extra controversial. I’ll tell you more about that as the time gets closer.

The Wolverines are set up to set me up to be a very successful blogger with tons of content to go around which is what we all care about at the end of the day. They have already handily taken care of Villanova this season and remain undefeated through 10 games. The road to the National Championship runs through the Michigan Wolverines.

P.S.- A sincere thank you is in order for every Michigan fan to the Michigan basketball squad for helping us move on from the debilitating performance put on by Michigan football against Ohio State. We need this.

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