JUST IN: I don’t like people who wear shorts in the winter

Just put some damn pants on for God’s sake. I’ve never understood why anybody would want to wear shorts when the temperatures outside are cold enough to turn the fresh spring lakes solid but not yet cold enough to freeze over the chemical-laden Detroit River.

What are you trying to prove by wearing shorts in freezing temperatures? Is it supposed to be manly or give off the image you’re a tough guy? If so, it’s not working. You look dumb and you’ll probably have pneumonia by the time you finish reading this blog. So it’s not surprising to see that Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia was wearing shorts as snow flurried during practice.

Just look at his face. You can tell that he is truly in pain.

In what world does practicing in the snow prepare you for playing in the dry Arizona heat? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills over here. And it’s not like they destroyed the Cardinals, who are tied for the worst record in the NFL. They won 17-3 with a garbage-time touchdown to secure an ugly victory.

There’s very little to be prideful of as a Lions fan at the moment and our head coach wearing shorts in winter is not helping. Be an example for the kids watching at home ONE time, please. Shave your beard, maybe throw on a polo shirt for once in your life and at least act like you have your life together. How many Michigan kids will be going to school tomorrow with shorts on and come home sick because the head coach of their favorite NFL team says it makes them tough? Even one is one too many.

I’m just out here blogging at 1:30 a.m. because, unlike some, I care about the children. I do not want them sick. I want them healthy for the holidays so everybody in the world enjoys a happy holiday and fantastic turn of the year. That’s the type of man I am. What type of man is Matt Patricia? We’re slowly finding out.

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