JUST IN: Lions continue to defy odds becoming first team to lose to Bills and Jets

The Detroit Lions have once again done something that no other team in the NFL has accomplished yet this season. After adding their name to the list of teams that have given up double-digit sacks in a single game this team wasn’t done achieving the unthinkable.

2018-12-17 (13)

In embarrassing fashion, the Lions became the first team this season to suffer losses against both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. This incredible achievement was attained on Sunday afternoon against one of the most laughable franchises in all of sports.

The Lions fell to the lowly Buffalo Bills in Classic Lions fashion. Early in the second quarter the Lions scored a touchdown to take the lead 6-0. The Lions botched the extra-point to keep the lead at six.

The Bills scored shortly after and kicked the extra-point to take the 7-6 lead. Then the Lions scored again on a touchdown run and successfully attempted the point after.

The Lions went up 13-7 after scoring again and not attempting a two-point conversion and fans were left scratching their heads. If I’m doing the math correctly that would mean a touchdown and extra point would give the Bills the lead? I know the extra-point isn’t exactly automatic anymore but c’mon. It’s still as automatic as Chauncey Billups from the free-throw line and gave the Bills the opening they needed.


And just as predicted, the Bills drove the field in the fourth quarter, scored a touchdown and MADE the extra-point. That would be enough to categorize the loss as Classic Lions but that’s not where this tale ends. QB Matthew Stafford attempted his usual fourth quarter comeback shenanigans and put the Lions in place for a road victory to actually keep the team in the playoff picture for the time being. With kicker Matt Prater ready to launch a 48-yard game-winning bomb the Lions’ Pride was feeling pretty confident.

Orchard Park, N.Y. — Matt Prater is as clutch as they come.

He’s made a living on banging home field goals in the fourth quarter and overtime. In fact, the Detroit Lions kicker had never missed a kick that would have tied the game or given his team the lead in the fourth quarter or overtime during his 12-year career. – The Detroit News before the game

Now Lions’ fans can wave bye-bye to the most impressive streak in Detroit sports since the Red Wings had their 25-season playoff streak broken. Now all we have to hang our hats on is Stafford’s active streak of 126 consecutive games started which is good for sixth best all-time among quarterbacks.

Stafford did the best with what he had and managed an efficient stat line completing 22/29 attempts for 208 yards and one touchdown. Stafford and rising star WR Kenny Golladay connected deep on a few occasions and brought back fond memories of the Calvin Johsnon era.

Golladay finished with seven catches for 149 yards. His final catch set up the game-ending missed field goal by Prater.

The Lions continue to lose in historic fashion and by the end of the season are likely to be the only squad in the NFL who can say they were defeated by both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. This loss officially put the Lions mathematically out of the playoffs but anybody who stayed around longer than the Week 1 Monday Night Football 50-point defeat to the Jets is just flat-out dumb. Not an optimist. Just dumb.

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