JUST NOW: Drummond tries to dunk on Greek Freak and you’ll never guess what happens next

Actually this has to be the most predictable outcome of all time. This is flat out ugly.

Andre Drummond got rejected BIG TIME by the Greek Freak from Milwaukee. It looks like Drummond was trying to jump out of some type of dense bog right after getting off a 12-hour nonstop flight. He had precisely ZERO ups as the kids say.

Maybe Andre should be happy he was blocked by the Greek Freak because it’s unclear if he would have been able to put the ball in the hoop in a downward motion or if he gets stuffed hard by the front rim. I think the front rim would’ve won the battle on this one.

As a loyal Detroit sports enthusiast and lifelong Pistons fan I want to tell you to delete this from the internet, but my distaste for the big man is no secret.

Drummond is not in the same stratosphere of talent as Giannis Antentokuonpo (actually Antetokounmpo but I think that was an impressive first attempt so I’m keeping it) when it comes to talent and effort on the court. One is the top MVP candidate and the other is a lazy big man. From the video it’s not difficult to decipher who’s who. We’re just thankful our Lord and Savior Blake Griffin is here to save us.

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