JUST NOW: Pistons win in OT as Blake nearly fights fan

The Pistons bested the Minnesota Timberwolves in overtime on Wednesday night. But that was hardly the main story from the game.

Late in OT as the Pistons were drawing closer to a victory at the Target Center in Minneapolis, one fan’s words directed at MVP candidate Blake Griffin proved to be over the line and elicited a strong response.

At a height of 6-10 and weighing in at 250 lbs of raw muscle Blake has to be one of the last guys in the world you’d want to pick a fight with. If I bumped into a guy at the bar and turned around to see somebody with the stature of a Blake Griffin you can guarantee I will profusely apologize then offer to buy him a drink to make up for it just to be on the safe side. There’s a 100% chance that the fan who barked at Blake never thought in a million years he would get a response and definitely felt safe from his seat behind the basket and a row of security guards and media members to slow him down. But I can’t be the only person at least a little disappointed that we didn’t see Malice in the Palace 2.0, right? I mean I don’t like to condone violence but it was an absolute rush to watch.

It’s unclear what the fan said to Blake to get such a response from the Piston legend but if I had to guess it was something extremely vulgar and racist. Players can brush off girlfriend and mom jokes all day long but step into the line of race and you won’t be getting off the hook. The fan was ejected from the game and will probably never be allowed back inside the arena. Good riddance.

Meanwhile, the Pistons are back above .500 and sitting at sixth in the Eastern Conference. Time for Blake to skyrocket on his MVP-push.

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