JUST IN: Pistons forget to play defense

The Detroit Pistons are on the road tonight against the current third best team in the Eastern Conference in the Indiana Pacers. Already down by double-digits mid-second quarter the Pistons just looked absolutely demoralized. So demoralized and discombobulated that they just forgot to play defense.

This guy looks like the dude at a party the cops just busted and is the last to try and make his escape and the cops just said, “F*ck it, let him go.” Some efforts you just have to sit back and appreciate I guess.

What is the first thing you learn when you step on the defensive end of a basketball court? Stop. The. Ball.

You win the game by scoring the most points. Therefore, you can also win the game by stopping the opposing team from scoring. And that’s basketball in a nutshell. It’s sad that I had to explain it that simply to an NBA team fighting for a playoff spot. Can somebody make sure the team sees this blog? I’m sure they’ll love it.

But actually, “fighting” isn’t the right word as they claw at the .500 mark and show abysmal efforts like this. The Pistons need to make a trade and they need to make it NOW. Shooting. Scoring. Defense. Apparently the Pistons need it all. The Blake 4 MVP movement is nearly over.

Maybe the Pistons had something else in mind?

Can’t give up three points if you give them the two. Simple mathematics. It’s a bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off for them.

(SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t.)

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